EpisodeTitle Guest Description
42EP. 42: Traveling with teenagers, and interrupted travel plans (Linda from the USA)LindaHow to travel with teenagers, the value of travel, and travel plans interrupted by the coronavirus.
41EP. 41: The top 10 grossing German movies (Dominik from the Ach! podcast)DominikSoft porn, comedies, parodies, and Westerns…here are the movies that Germans love.
40EP. 40: From USA to Germany, California style (Greg from USA & Brigida from Germany)Greg & BrigidaSmall children are impossible, the importance of learning German, moving country with anxiety, working from home, and German beer.
39EP. 39: Some German idioms (Steph Fuccio from USA)Steph FuccioFind out why Germans want to fetch cows from ice, why they’d take poison on something, and why they only understand “train station”. Here are some German idioms.
38EP. 38: Dealing with depression in Germany (Deenara from Russia)DeenaraHow do you recognize that you are depressed? How do you seek out therapy and other help for depression in Germany? And what if you are from a culture that has a stigma towards mental health issues and therapy?
37EP. 37: Being a TV anchor, online weirdos, and stereotypes about Russian women (Daria from Russia)DariaLiving as a Russian in Germany, a day in the life of a news anchor, dealing with Internet critics and stalkers, and the disappointed Western man.
36EP. 36: Coronavirus and COVID-19 in Germany (with Nicole from The Expat Cast and Steph from Geopats)Nicole Palazzo & Steph FuccioThree podcasters discuss coronavirus and COVID-19 in Germany and cover their personal situations, fake news, and coping with a pandemic.
35EP. 35: Leaving Germany after a decade (Natalie from the UK)NatalieLeaving Germany after more than a decade, the Stammtisch concept for meeting people, driving on the left hand side of the road, and German traffic rules nonsense.
34Finding yourself in a second language: language and identity (Steph from Germany)Steph CookSteph is a Bavarian who speaks English at a native-speaker level. She has insights about being bilingual and about how languages help shape our identity.
33EP. 33: Moving after 40, sensationalist media, and loneliness in Germany (Klaus from Brazil)KlausDespite being fluent in German and knowing the culture, Klaus from Brazil has still struggled to integrate since moving to Germany in his 40s.
32EP. 32: Carnival/Fasching in GermanyNinaCarnival in Germany, also known as Fasching or Fastnacht, is a time of tradition and revelry. And kids getting hit in the face with candy.
31EP. 31: A serial expat in Germany (Amy from Canada)AmyAmy is a serial expat and discusses how she’s ended up in Germany, her expat podcast, and her experiences learning German.
30EP. 30: Motivated to adapt by painful social moments (Sindy from Hong Kong)SindyPainful social moments and difficulties helped motivate Sindy from Hong Kong to learn German and adapt and thrive in Germany.
29Classic German movies: Loriot’s Pappa Ante PortasA discussion of one of the most beloved German comedy films.
28EP. 28: SOFA status, growing a thicker skin, and tracking a stolen phone with the Polizei (Audrey & Zach from USA)Audrey & ZachZach and Audrey discuss being in Germany on a SOFA status, how they handled a long distance relationship between USA and Germany, and growing a thicker skin
27Making German candy, learning German history, and growing up as a third culture kid in Bavaria (Travis J. Dow) Travis J. Dow Travis J. Dow, host of the History of Germany podcast, talks about learning to make candy in Germany and growing up a third culture kid in Bavaria.
26Missing holiday traditions from home, making new traditions, and fireworks on New Year’s Eve For foreigners living in Germany, the holidays are a time that we recreate traditions from our home countries, adopt German traditions, and start new ones.
25Unhappy in Germany Anonymous For some, it might be the German dream, but for others it’s the German nightmare. Here’s the story of S. from India, who has not had a good experience in Germany.
24The German Freelance Visa (James from LiveWorkGermany.com) James For many people who are planning to come to Germany, the Freelance Visa might be the way to go. But how do you get it? And is it suitable for your goals?
23How Germany changed us (Jibran from Pakistan) Jibran Living in Germany for an extended period of time changes you, even if you don’t notice the changes. Jibran from Pakistan (and host of Desi in Wonderland on YouTube) and I discuss the ways Germany changed us.
22A Berliner, a Hamburger, a Neapolitan, and a world citizen (Liliana from Italy) LilianaLiliana from Italy compares Hamburg, Berlin, and Naples, discusses getting German citizenship, and gives some advice for expats.
21Being far from family when losing someone, making friends through team sports, and security in Germany (Rafael from Brazil) RaphaelBeing far from family is difficult when you lose a loved one, but it could happen when you’re an expat. Rafael describes what it was like and how he coped.
20Discussing German stereotypes with Nicole from The Expat Cast Nicole PalazzoHow true are German stereotypes? Nicole of the Expat Cast joins me on Expat Life Germany to dissect German culture and make sweeping generalizations.
19 Being an English-Speaking Writer in Germany, Bringing a Pet to Germany, and The God Queen (Mari from USA) ML TishnerMari from USA (or M.L. Tishner) talks about being an English-speaking writer abroad. She also explains how you bring a dog from USA to Germany.
18 The “Why” Has To Be Right (Vlad from Romania) VladIs integration always a choice? And why do Romanians have a bad reputation in western Europe? Vlad from Romania discusses these issues from his homeland.
17Article 116 (Michael from USAY)Michael SilbermanGermany is intertwined with Michael Silberman’s life, even though he lives in the USA. He reminisces about his time in Germany in the 80s, and discusses Article 116.
16parkrun GermanyZehra, Zaid & Fionaparkrun is a weekly timed 5km run, where it doesn’t matter how fast or fit you are. And it’s free. I discuss the concept with organizers of the Wöhrder See parkrun in Nürnberg.
15Defining “Expat”What is an “expat”? The word has several definitions and might also be considered as biased based on how it’s used in relation to “immigrant” and “migrant”.
14 Living Abroad Teaches Us the Power of Connections (Anna from Canada)Anna Noakes SchulzeAnna Noakes Schulze, who gave a TEDx talk called “Living Abroad Teaches Us the Power of Connections”, expands on the talk and tells her expat story.
13Finding a Job in Germany Advice for job hunting, interviews, and writing a resume for German jobs.
12Through the Eyes of a Newly-Arrived Expat (Sarah From Syria, Canada, et al.) SarahSarah has had quite an international life so far, and now finds herself in Berlin, Germany. She discusses her first impressions of the country, people, and the culture.
11Tim From France – Not So Far From Home Tim Bourguignon Tim is a French expat living in Germany. He discusses learning German, has advice for making friends in Germany, and explains the difference between “kosten” and “kotzen”.
10The E-Scooterpocalypse & Feeling Dumb in GermanyPeople in big cities are annoyed by E-scooters, and the language barrier can make you come across as stupid in Germany.
9Natalie From Australia – From the Outback to EuropeNatalie SanseverinoNatalie from Australia talks about ordering coffee in German, raising a child with three languages, and feeding naughty children to giant Australian spiders.
8Shannon From USA – Church Bells and BicyclesShannon AissenShannon from USA discusses falling in love with the German way of life, and how they were determined to come back here and make a life for themselves. Now that they’re back, they’re faced with the challenge of escaping the expat bubble.  
7Arvi from India- Founding a Startup in GermanyAravinth Palaniswamy Arvi from India talks about being an entrepreneur in Germany, as well as his platform, MyHelpBuddy, for putting expats who need help in touch with “buddies”.
6Lori from USA – Teaching English, Learning Languages, and Raising Bilingual Children in GermanyLori Childs-Körner Lori from USA discusses teaching English in Germany, how speaking a language doesn’t mean you understand the culture, the importance of good pronunciation when learning a second language, and raising children in a bilingual household.
5MonthEnder – Don’t Get Scammed + IamExpat Round-Up with Abi Abi from IamExpat.deAbi from IamExpat runs through some interesting stories of June 2019, and I discuss common expat scams and how to avoid them.
4The Essential Book for New Expats in GermanyLinda O’Grady & Kristina RiessI discuss the book From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom with the co-writers.
3Noor from Pakistan – Don’t Forget Your ‘GungsSyed Noor Ali JafriNoor from Pakistan discusses how much he hates “HBD”, seeing snow in his underpants, and meeting ultra-right wingers at 12am.
2Dwight from Australia – Controlling the TransmissionDwight Steven-BonieckiDwight, an Australian writer and film-maker living in Cologne, shares his experiences and advice about being an expat in Germany.
1My Expat StoryShaun introduces the show and describes his own expat story.
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