EP. 44: Seven months as an exchange student in Germany (Montana Showalter from the USA)

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Montana Showalter from the USA came to Germany on an exchange program called Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX). During that year, she learnt a new language, dealt with culture shock, and had her YouTube channel become unexpectedly popular. And just as her stay was reaching its peak, she got the heartbreaking letter that she would have to return home due to the coronavirus crisis. 

This episode of the podcast tells the story of Montana’s time in Germany, what it was like returning to the USA, and her YouTube success. We also talk about how Germany changed her

Watch her videos: Montana Showalter’s YouTube channel

Two of her videos we mention in the interview:

Montana on Instagram: Montana.Showalter

The exchange program Montana was on: CBYX CIEE

The festival in Passau that Montana mentioned: Passauer Dult

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