EP. 20: Discussing German stereotypes with Nicole from The Expat Cast


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You’ve heard all the stereotypes before: Germans are efficient, punctual, they love order, and they have no sense of humor. Now while these are sweeping generalizations, is there any truth to them? 

Who better to ask this question than two foreigners who can answer based on their outsider’s perspective? Or, more specifically: Nicole of The Expat Cast and I take it upon ourselves to answer this question! Together we run through some common cliches and we decide if they’re confirmed truths or busted myths. In the process, we analyze our own relationships with German culture and Nicole admits on-air that she has worn socks and sandals for a period of time longer than could be deemed appropriate. 

Discuss your opinions on these stereotypes in the Expat Life Germany Facebook group! Or comment on the episode posts on social media. And also: let us know of any stereotypes we missed, or ones that might be common in your area of Germany.

Other notes

The TV show that has become a cult favorite on New Year’s Eve in Germany: Dinner for One

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