Episode 4: The Essential Book For New Expats in Germany

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In this episode, I chat with Linda O’Grady, an expat from Ireland, and Kristina Riess, a German, about a book they’ve written to help expats navigate the first months—and perhaps years—in Germany. 

Buy the book on Amazon: From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom

Or you can go here to try win one of two copies of the book (until 17th July 2019)

About the Book

Many expats fresh in Germany will know the feeling: you’re faced with yet another visit to the Bürgeramt, you’ve already asked your German acquaintances for help five times this week, your expat friends are all busy, and you’ve still got questions. Now what? You kind of wish you had a German in your pocket, who you can carry around everywhere and get help whenever you need it.

Aside from being a little weird and creepy, this was the thought that Linda O’Grady and Kristina Riess had when they co-wrote the book. They’re both language teachers and interact with expats daily, and they both have been expats themselves (Linda still is). 

The book’s chapters cover common scenarios that expats will find themselves in, like opening a bank account, getting health insurance, understanding public transport, going to the doctor’s or the dentist’s, and a lot more. Each chapter describes what you can expect in that situation, gives an FAQ, and provides a very useful vocabulary list. 

The book is written in a very straightforward way, so even second-language English speakers can easily understand. And despite being intended as a reference, it’s still a fun and entertaining read, with some sections showing the lighter side of the expat experience. It’s also littered with quotes from expats, which help provide additional insight and humor.

If you’ve just moved to Germany, or you’re thinking of making the move, or you know of someone who has, this book will be a very handy reference to have. 

Other Notes

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  1. I just came across this podcast today. I’m coming to Frankfurt in a couple of weeks for the Frankfurt Book Fair. It will be my 2nd time in Germany in the past three years. I really enjoyed my first visit to Trier 2 years ago and I’m looking forward to this upcoming trip. I believe this book will be helpful. I just bought the Kindle Version. Excellent podcast.

    1. Firstly, thank you for the kind words about the podcast! Secondly, I’ve heard that the Frankfurt book fair is incredible (I’ve always wanted to go). I hope you enjoy your second visit to Germany!

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