EP. 25: Unhappy in Germany


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Moving to Germany is not an easy thing: expat surveys consistently show that foreigners living here rate it very low due to difficulties with learning the language, finding jobs, and making friends. For some, this is just part of the adventure. But for others, these things taint their entire German experience. That’s why moving here is not for everyone.

My guest in this episode (who wishes to remain anonymous) is from India, and he has had many negative experiences in his time in Germany. He has had several bad trips to the foreigner’s office (one that ended in security being called), has had a spat with a neighbor, has struggled to make friends, has lost a job because the company wanted a German native speaker, and has had to deal with blatant racism. 

We met at a Nürnberg beer garden, and In the interview I try to get to the bottom of what has made his time here such a nightmare. I didn’t quite manage to, but the conversation certainly goes off in some surprising directions at times.

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