Episode 2: Dwight From Australia – Controlling the Transmission


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Dwight Steven-Boniecki is an Australian transmission controller, writer, and film maker living in Cologne, Germany. He recently launched the first full-length documentary about the US space station, Skylab, called “Searching For Skylab“.  In our interview, he discusses how he ended up in Germany and he shares his advice for expats (it has to do with dealing with the German authorities).

Watch Searching For Skylab on Vimeo. Like the movie’s Facebook page and follow it on Twitter.

Shaun also rounds up some topics that might be of interest to expats:

The Rundfunkbeitrag is a monthly “license” fee that each household must pay. The money goes to several broadcasters. More information hereIt’s already expensive, and now there are suggestions to increase the fee to “fight populism” (linked article is in German).  

A decent way to make use of your Rundfunkbeitrag payments is to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup on German TV. Here’s the TV schedule: https://www.derwesten.de/sport/fussball/frauen-wm-2019-livestream-tv-id216665805.html

The German team released an emotive video promo. Watch it here with English subtitles: https://www.dw.com/en/germanys-women-we-dont-have-balls-but-we-know-how-to-use-them/a-48776813

And finally, as of June 2019, it is legal for E-Scooters to use bicycle paths and streets (but not pavements). This will surely create more frustration for cyclists, who will have to share their narrow bicycle paths with E-scooter riders. Just this weekend in Berlin, 90.000 cyclists took to the roads to protest inadequate cycle paths. 

(photo by Mark and Tom Usciak)

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