EP. 24: The German Freelance Visa (James from LiveWorkGermany.com)


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If you’re looking for ways to get to Germany, but don’t have a concrete job offer or access to some other type of visa, the freelance visa might just be your solution. In this week’s episode, I am joined by James of LiveWorkGermany.com to discuss what the Freelance Visa is, who can benefit from it, how to apply for it, and more. 

The German freelance visa provides you German residency with the purpose of self-employment. Traditional services provided by freelancers include writing blog posts, translation services, teaching foreign languages, creating content, Web design, and a multitude of other things. And although people of any nationality can benefit from it, it’s of special benefit for people with excellent English skills, since these types of services in English are in demand in Germany. 

Live Work Germany also offers an online course covering everything you need to know about the Freelance Visa

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