EP. 7: Arvi From India – Founding a Startup in Germany


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Something that often goes together with the expat spirit is the entrepreneurial spirit. I suppose they both require the same sense of adventure and risk-taking. And while some expats decide to found their own business in their adopted country, it’s certainly not always easy—there are laws and processes specific to that country that they need to learn and understand. And if you factor in a foreign language, like German, the task becomes even more challenging. 

However, what many expats might not realize is that it may not be as impossible as they assume. This is because there are many institutions and avenues of help available for entrepreneurs wanting to found a startup in Germany—even if they are foreigners! 

Arvi’s Mission: Set Up a Platform to Help Expats

Arvi, from southern India, came to Germany to complete his engineering studies. When he was done, he realized that perhaps engineering was not for him. But he had a desire to “create” something—in his case, a startup company. 

Arvi, having being an expat in Germany himself, came up with the idea for a platform that could bring new expats with questions and problems into contact with “buddies”. Buddies might be expats who have been around longer, or local service providers. And so Arvi’s path took him to Berlin, where he founded MyHelpBuddy.com in 2018. 

Many colleges and universities in Germany have a startup incubator associated with them, and Arvi took his idea to the Startup Incubator Berlin, an initiative of the Berlin School of Economics and Law. The incubator helped Arvi and his co-founders take the first steps.

In this episode of the Expat Life Germany podcast, Arvi discusses the platform he has helped build to assist expats, the support that is available to entrepreneurs in Germany—even if they’re expats—as well as the high-level steps involved with founding a startup in Germany. He also offers some advice for aspiring expat entrepreneurs.

Try out the platform: MyHelpBuddy.com
Arvi on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aravinth-palaniswamy/
Arvi is also the founder of INK Network of Knowledge: https://ink-connect.com/

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