EP. 39: Some German idioms (Steph Fuccio from USA)

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Why would you fetch a cow from the ice? Or take poison on something? German idioms are—just like in any language—often nonsensical and not always immediately comprehensible. For this exact reason, I throw a few German idioms at Steph Fuccio, who is in the early stages of learning German, to see if she can decipher the meanings. 

Steph is the host of the Geopats podcast. You can find more details about it and the online podcast groups she hosts at her Website, stephfuccio.com. Oh, and take part in her Podcast Review Day initiative, where on the 8th of every month you review a podcast you love, just to remind your favorite podcasters that the work they’re doing isn’t for nothing 😊

Help other foreigners in Germany during the coronavirus crisis

Nicole of The Expat Cast has set up a project to put foreigners in Germany who need help translating their local news reports and information about coronavirus with people who can help. If you need this kind of help, or you know German and are able to provide basic translation assistance, sign up here.

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