Donate to Lebenshilfe Bad Windsheim and help Expat Life Germany win the podcast charity challenge!

As part of the charity challenge between Expat Life Germany and The Expat Cast (aka #FEGIPADO), I’d love for you to donate to the Lebenshilfe Bad Windsheim. Lebenshilfe is an organization that is dedicated to helping special needs children and adults integrate into society, and to supporting their caregivers. Money you donate goes into regional projects that support their goal.

There are two ways you can donate:

By BANK TRANSFER (use “Expat Life Germany” as the reference)

You can do a direct bank transfer to Lebenshilfe Bad Windsheim (don’t forget “Expat Life Germany” as the reference!):

Sparkasse Bad Windsheim
IBAN: DE29762510200430100891

Alternatively: Donate to my GoFundMe and I’ll donate for you

If you don’t have the time to do a bank transfer, you can donate to my GoFundMe here:

GoFundMe Collection for Lebenshilfe Bad Windsheim

After the 24th December, I will donate all the money collected there to Lebenshilfe in Bad Windsheim.

Please note that with this option, you won’t get a proof of donation certificate for tax deduction purposes. If you want that, then rather select the bank transfer option.

Listen to the podcast for weekly updates

Each episode I’ll give a run-down of how much has been donated, and how I’m doing in the challenge with The Expat Cast. And please consider donating to Women’s Worth, which is the charity chosen by The Expat Cast.

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