EP. 38: Dealing with depression in Germany (Deenara from Russia)

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Dealing with depression is already a difficult task: how do you know that you are depressed? What kind of help do you need? What will people think if you tell them? 

But being depressed in a foreign country brings a lot more complexity to it. How do you get therapy in your native language? How does it work with paying for your treatment? For someone already in a distressed state of mind, these additional challenges can seem overwhelming.

Deenara is a Russian tech professional and poet living in Berlin who faced exactly these issues in Germany. In an interview with journalist Daria Sukharchuk, Deenara tells the story of her situation and how she got the help she needed. We also explore Deenara’s experience, and the general topic of depression, with Frankfurt-based therapist Marita Helkimo

The interview with Deenara was recorded and edited by Daria Sukharchuk.

Some notes from the interview:  

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