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EP. 45: You go me on the cookie! (Dana Newman from Wanted Adventure)

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I often say that there are three things that new foreigners in Germany get to know first: the Ausländeramt (foreigner’s office), Einwohnermeldeamt (residency registration office), and Dana Newman’s YouTube channel, Wanted Adventure. It features videos covering life in Germany for foreigners, the German language, and much more. 

Dana Newmn bienenstich KuchenBut Dana is not just a YouTuber; in 2019 she published a book called “You go me on the cookie!”. It’s written in German and is intended to show Germans what a quirky and beautiful language they speak. However, when I read it, I found myself relating to almost everything Dana described about learning the language and the strangeness of the language itself. So I decided to ask her to come on the podcast. 

She did just that, and in this fun discussion we talk about her early days of learning German, what drove her to keep learning, the quirks of the German language (and how it’s NOT orderly), and her YouTube channel. 

You go me on the cookie!” is available in bookstores in Germany as well as online (also on Amazon) – as paperback and Ebook.  

Wanted Adventure YouTube channel:  https://youtube.com/wantedadventure

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/wantedadventure/

Website:  https://www.dananewman.de/

The postcard about how Germany is NOT orderly: 

disorderly german
German: not so orderly

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