EP. 32: Carnival/Fasching in Germany


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It’s carnival time in Germany (or Fasching or Fastnacht, depending on where in the country you are). It’s a celebration with religious roots, and involves all kinds of traditions and revelry. 

I am kind of like a carnival grinch (a “Faschingsmuffel“, if you will), and I thought I’d ask a German who loves Carnival to talk to me about it. That German is Nina, and together we brush up on the origins of Carnival, we discuss some of the traditions around it, and Nina tells me of her childhood memories of it. Here’s a picture of her in her favorite Faschings outfit, made by her mother: 

Nina’s Snow Queen carnival outfit

And if you were curious, here’s the infamous hedgehog onesie (Döner not included): 


The article about Fasching we referenced: What is Fasching?
An article from Deutsche Welle: The Historical Roots of Carnival in Germany

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