EP. 17: Article 116 (Michael from USA)

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Michael Silberman has led a colorful and varied life: He has founded several companies, he was once a professional bebop jazz guitarist, and he gets tattoos with famous basketball players. And that’s just half his story. 

What was of interest to me is the role that Germany has played in his life. His Jewish grandparents left Nazi Germany with their family and started a new life in USA. It was this that enabled Michael to get a dual US and German citizenship years later through Article 116, a law that restores citizenship to those who lost it due to political reasons during the Third Reich.

In our discussion, Michael reminisces about his time in Murnau am Staffelsee and Augsburg during the 80s, his grandparents’ exit from Germany, and the differences between Germany then and now. 

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Michael’s current business venture: GoDcoin

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