EP. 9: Natalie From Australia – From the Outback to Europe

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As an English-speaking parent of a child in Germany, what does it feel like to know your child is probably going to drift away from your language and culture? How do you approach bringing up that child in a household with three languages? And how do you balance your responsibilities as a parent with your own personal needs for creativity and fulfillment? 

Although Natalie, an Australian, is content with her life in Germany, these are some of the difficult questions she’s pondering. In our interview we also discuss how difficult it is to put the German you learn in classes into practice in the real world, and the struggles to express your true self in a foreign language. Oh, and also how feeding your children to giant spiders may or may not be a valid Australian parenting technique… 

Next Week

Next week I’ll be alone on the podcast, discussing some themes that have popped up in the interviews I’ve done so far. I’ll also be talking about the great E-Scooterlypse in big cities, so if you have an opinion about E-scooters, one way or another, send me an E-mail to expatlifegermany(at)gmail.com, and maybe you can get featured on the episode! 

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