EP. 48: Trilingualism, switching between languages, and Italian words adopted by German (Carmen from Italy)

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Carmen and her husband are from Italy, they live in Munich, and they’re both trilingual. Carmen sits down with me to talk about which language they use at home, and which language they choose in which situation. She also explains her path to becoming multilingual, and how she balances the three languages.

And, just as German has done with some English words, it’s also adopted some Italian words and given them new meanings. Carmen gives me some of her favorite examples of these. 

Carmen is the host of two podcasts: one in Italian called Crucchi o Terroni siamo tutti Fannulloni, and she co-hosts one in German called Farbe der Nation. Farbe der Nation focuses on topics of identity, discrimination and racism in Germany.

The list of German podcasts about discrimination that Carmen mentions in the interview can be found here: 

Listening In: [Zu]Hören als solidarischer Akt

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Farbe der Nation
Crucchi o Terroni siamo tutti Fannulloni

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