EP. 47: The 5 phases of culture shock (Beth from the USA)

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The 5 phases of culture shock is something that has been written about widely (just do a Google search on it)! A while back, a friend sent a blog post about it to Beth, who is originally from the USA but now living in Germany. She looked at the graphic depicting the culture shock curve, and was amazed at how much it resembled her experience of integrating into Germany. 

Beth discusses the 5 phases with me. Particularly difficult for her was the period where she just felt angry and resentful the whole time. With the help of therapy and the age-old “let it go” adage, she was able to become more adjusted and happier in her life in Germany. We discuss this, how long it can take to find a fulfilling job in Germany (in her case, seven years), and how fencing just might be the best sport in times of coronavirus. And as an added bonus, we get a walk-in cameo by her cat. 

Read the blog post (and see the graphic) that we reference in the interview: The 5 phases of culture shock and how to go through smoothly

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