EP. 43: Learning German with apps, and working in the video games industry (Thomas from the UK)

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Thomas Cartwright, originally from the UK, admits that he is living a dream: he works at a great job in a city he loves (Hamburg). But it wasn’t always this way. After his first stint in Germany, he had a disdain for the country. It was only once he was back in the UK that he realized he missed Germany—and started making plans to come back.

Thomas began learning German in earnest by using Memrise, a language-learning app. Eventually he got a job offer at InnoGames, the company he works at now. And InnoGames is the kind of company that is very well-suited to foreigners: it’s international enough that English is the main language, but it still makes an effort to let employees integrate if they want to through initiatives like language lessons and providing opportunities for social responsibility. On top of that, the mindset is very much that of a relaxed start-up. It’s exactly the kind of company that I am always saying is the perfect landing spot for foreigners.

I spoke with Thomas about his journey to Germany, his path to learning German, what it’s like working at a company like InnoGames, and how to deal with angry letters from German neighbors. 

Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn and Xing.

Look at opportunities at InnoGames: https://www.innogames.com/career/

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