EP. 40: From USA to Germany, California style (Greg from USA & Brigida from Germany)

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Greg met his future wife, Brigida from Germany, when they were both children in California. After moving in the same friendship circles for years, they eventually got together and got married. And then they decided to move to Germany. 

They moved over with just two dogs and a few thousand dollars to their name, and they had problems almost as soon as they arrived when they were kicked out of the place they were staying. This is Greg and Brigida’s story of how they made their life here in Germany work.

We also talk about life with small children, overcoming your fears, how anxiety was a driving factor for Greg, the importance of learning German, and German beer. 

Greg runs a site for brewing beer at home called Brew Wizard, and he’ll talk more about that on an upcoming bonus episode. 

Connect with Greg on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cainde9

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