EP. 35: Leaving Germany after a decade (Natalie from the UK)

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Natalie has decided to return to the UK after over a decade in Germany. But how did we get to this point? What will she (not ) miss? Why are exceptions to the rule a bad thing when it comes to traffic? Why do the Brits drive on the left hand side of the road? And what does jousting have to do with anything? 
Natalie answers these questions and more in a fun interview. You can find her on Instagram (Prattilicious) and on Facebook (Eat With Your Belly). Read her old blog posts on her site Eat With Your Belly.
Also, a weekly Coronavirus/COVID-19/SARS-COV-2 update:
Edeka has put together a Coronavirus survival pack:
coronavirus pack Edeka
And an ice cream dealer in Munich has a Coronavirus flavor.

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