EP. 27: Making German candy, learning German history, and growing up as a third culture kid in Bavaria (Travis J. Dow)


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If you have an interest in history or Germany and you listen to podcasts, there’s a good chance you know the name Travis J. Dow. He’s the voice that explains how Germany came to be the way it is today, starting way back with the Neanderthals and moving forward from there on the History of Germany podcast. It’s not the only podcast he’s known for, though: he also hosts History of Alchemy, The Bohemican, and Amerikana für Euch among others. 

Travis is originally from the USA, grew up in Bavaria, and later spent 10 years of his adult life in the Czech Republic. Now, he’s going through some life changes. For one, he spent the latter part of 2019 in Germany learning how to make candy. His goal: to start a business selling candy in Oregon. But how did he get to this point? 

I met up with Travis in Hamburg and got the details of how events have led him to where  he is now. We also discuss how to discover the history of Germany, and how growing up as a third culture kid in Bavaria still impacts his life today. 

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