EP. 23: How Germany changed us (Jibran from Pakistan)


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When we decide to make the move to another country for an extended period of time, we might not realize just how much that country will change us. The changes range from small, every day things to big life-changing things. And the changes are not all the same for people of all cultures. 

Jibran is from Pakistan and has been living in Germany for five years. We spoke about how Germany has changed both of us over the years, and how people in our home countries might view these changes. 

Jibran is the host of the YouTube channel, Desi In Wonderland, an informative resource for foreigners living in Germany. Find him on Instagram and Facebook.

FEGEPADFO: First Ever German Expat Podcasters Advent Donation Face-Off

Nicole from The Expat Cast will be going up against me over December in a charity challenge, where we’ll be competing to see which podcast can raise the most donations for their charity of choice. My charity is Lebenshilfe Bad Windsheim, an organization in my region that focuses on integrating special needs children into society and helping their caregivers. Nicole chose Women’s Worth Inc., which helps women in developing countries to get access to information and opportunities they might not have otherwise. 

They’re both really good causes, so head over to the FEGEPADFO page and find out how to donate. We’ll also be posting weekly updates there. 

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