EP. 21: Being far from family when losing someone, making friends through team sports, and security in Germany (Rafael from Brazil)


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One of the most difficult things about moving to another country – and not something you necessarily think of when making the decision – is being far from “home” when there is a tragedy in the family. Rafael from Brazil experienced this when his father passed away in 2015. He opens up in our interview about how alone you can feel being so far from your family at times like that, and also explains how he coped. 

In our conversation, we also get into the old discussion of how difficult it is to make friends in Germany. Rafael had an advantage in that he joined a handball team immediately upon arriving in Germany, and it led him to some meaningful friendships with his German teammates. Even then, it still surprised Rafael that you have to plan well in advance to do things with Germans. 

Oh, and other than making German friends, playing handball will result in truly epic photographs of you: 

Epic Rafael shot

Other notes

The World Index Tweet (based on Internations data) where Brazil and South Africa are rated the two most dangerous places to live:

Bulgarian wedding dances: https://youtu.be/Bv8BRPO-EyU?t=37

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