EP. 18: The “Why” Has To Be Right (Vlad from Romania)

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Internations Expat Insider Report 2019

Every year, Internations releases its Expat Insider report, and 2019’s is really a really interesting one for Germany. Most notably, Germany is not in the top 10 destinations for expats! I discuss this, and other details from the report, with this week’s guest.

Vlad from Romania

Speaking of this week’s guest, he’s an expat from Romania named Vlad. Disillusioned with the Romanian political system, he moved to Germany seven months ago for what he believes will be a better way of life. But is he happier now? 

We get into his answer and his reasons for moving to Germany. He also gives his honest insight into why some foreigners might not integrate themselves, and why Romanians have gotten a bad reputation in Germany. 

Podcast Guest Appearance

After appearing as a guest on The Expat Cast, I was recently featured on a second podcast! Steph Fuccio of Geopats interviewed me about being an expat podcaster, and I explained why I do my podcast, and how much effort it takes to put it together. If you want to peek behind the scenes of Expat Life Germany, listen to the episode!


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