EP. 12: Through the Eyes of a Newly-Arrived Expat (Sarah From Syria, Canada, et al.)

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Sarah doesn’t have it easy answering the question, “Where are you from?” That’s because she was born in Syria, raised in Canada and Dubai, studied in Malaysia, and then moved to Japan. With an international history like that, it’s difficult to define what an “identity” is. 

I first crossed paths with Sarah when I did an episode about scams aimed at expats. As I finished putting the episode together, I happened to see Sarah’s post on a Facebook group explaining exactly that: how she was almost scammed. I invited her for an interview, and she told her story in a bonus episode of the podcast. One of the things that is immediately noticeable about Sarah is that she has such an upbeat view of the world, with an easy laugh and positive attitude. And considering that she’d just arrived in Berlin, I decided she could give me a glimpse of Germany through the eyes of someone who’s just gotten here.

In my interview with her, recorded about a month after she arrived, she discusses everything from her colorful past through to her first impressions of Berlin and the German culture. She also contrasts Berlin with Tokyo, the city she most recently lived in. 

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