EP. 10: The E-Scooterpocalypse & Feeling Dumb in Germany

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It’s episode 10 of the podcast! I’m officially past the average “podfade” episode (episode 7), which is when most new shows tend to fade into oblivion. So I guess it looks like I’m here to stay!  There’s still a lot I want to try with the show, so you can expect some experiments with the format until I find a good flow. But the point is, I’m having a blast! And thanks to everyone who’s listened and subscribed so far! 


People seemed to be a little worked up on Facebook groups about the state of E-scooters in the big cities, so I decided to check for myself. I asked around in my own Facebook group (join at the link below), and I asked on various other Facebook expat groups. Guess what? People are annoyed. Didn’t see that coming.

The Language Barrier

A discussion I had with last week’s guest got me thinking about how stressful social situations can be when you’re completely surrounded by Germans, and it’s also something I get into in this episode. 

Book Giveaway

And finally, I announce the winners of the “From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom” books that I was giving away. Happy reading!

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